Are You Happy?


riddle me this

Well? Are you?

H/t to The Wife of an Artist for giving me instructions for my path to happiness.


2 thoughts on “Are You Happy?

  1. oh man, it’s all so clear when you lay it all out in flow chart form! you would probably really like this movie -Euphoria( i worked on it a few years ago, but thats not why it’s cool. It’s all about pursuing what is meaningful and engaging, and how neuroscience factors in– pretty cool, sorta nerdy…like myself. har har.

    Guess what? The thing that I am changing so that I am happy is: I gotta move around more, and be outside more. SO I signed up for a class in January, where I will learn how to raise sheep, and be a farmer! How cool is this?? At the end of the course, I get to keep raw wool from my designated sheep. THAT is happiness.


  2. Oooh, I can’t wait to check out Euphoria. Seriously! Thanks for the head’s up. Good luck with the sheep. I’m a wee bit envious πŸ˜‰

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