How I Know I’m Chilean

Thanks to everyone’s favorite “Anti,” I’ve discovered both La Gringuita Diaries and, AND!, the fact that I’m a true Chilean:

I’ve probably mentioned before on this blog that I don’t have an overabundance of Chilean friends and I have speculated before as to why this may be. Of course, my previous theories had more to do with homogeneous society this and inability to open their minds that, but I think I may have discovered one that is all me. Planning. I do not understand planning in this country.

Obviously, what I am about to type is based on an individual level as well, but this is my experience.

Scenario 1 “Want to get some coffee tomorrow?”:

Your friend in the US might suggest this, but chances are, if they do, they will mean it. If they say “Let’s meet up at 5,” then you know that at 4:30 they are probably leaving their house. Unless they are the type of friend who enjoys canceling on you at the last minute, in which case you will get some lame excuse and probably not want to hang out with that person anymore.

Your friend in Chile is likely to say “I’ll call you for coffee tomorrow!” Then, they never do. The end.

Scenario 2 Weekend Plans:

If you ask your friend in the US what they are planning to do for the weekend and they reply “I don’t know” it means “I don’t know because no one has asked me to do anything.”

In Chile it means ” I don’t know. The weekend is four days away! Stop pressuring me into making plans!”

Those that know me IRL can back me up… is this me, or IS THIS ME?!?

Answer: This is me. I’m Chilean.

I suddenly feel more myself than I did in a long time.

7 thoughts on “How I Know I’m Chilean

  1. I almost feel like this post was just for me. Let me know if you find one that says that Louisianians are anal about their planning.

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