The Chesapeake Bay Bridge: My Nemesis

My nemisis.

My nemesis.

I hate bridges. They give me the hee-bee-gee-bees. The older I get, the worse it gets. Casey is amused by it. But, as I tweeted before, it’s a necessary evil en route to heaven, aka Fenwick Island, DE.

So do you know what I DIDN’T want to read this a.m.?? THIS ARTICLE, frighteningly titled “Concerns Grow About Bridge Infrastructures In Md.” Shut up, But they wouldn’t, so I read on:

Concerns about the Bay Bridge infrastructure have grown since a fatal crash killed a truck driver last summer. Now our media partner, the Baltimore Sun, reports the Route 40 Bridge and Interstate 95 bridge, both going over the Susquehanna River, have similar problems…

The problem isn’t up here on the road–it’s underneath, with the piers that hold up the driving surface. That’s where the Maryland Transportation Authority found advanced deterioration, but they say the road is safe for now.

“It makes me nervous driving over it, I guess. You’d be worried about your safety. It’s a long bridge, especially in a weighted tractor trailer,” said truck driver Daniel Barnes.

I’m with you, Daniel… though I confess I don’t drive a weighted tractor trailer, but rather a broken-down (but loveable) Jetta. Same diff, right? But you know that “fatal crash that killed a truck driver last summer?” Yeah, I still picture that each and every time I drive across that dang bridge. When will my phobia stop… or better yet – how can I control it?

Oh… and in case you want to read more about how all bridges everywhere are going to break and crumble (and who wouldn’t?), enjoy these lovely stories:


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