A Sword, a Stone, an Owl, and Much Confusion

I don’t have a fancy and/or funny anecdote to go along with this video. I just have really fond memories of demanding to see The Sword in the Stone, on VHS, on a weekly basis… I was obsessed with it mostly because the owl was named Archimedes. I thought it was a brilliant and inspired name…

… until I grew up and did some learnin’ and realized that the wise old owl was given that name because of the wise philosopher Archimedes. In other words, not an original name. I felt duped.

Also a shock to me? When I watched Three’s Company as an adult and suddenly understood the entire subplot of the tv series… Jack was pretending to be gay to live with two women! But he was really straight! And Mr. Roper was scared of gay men! Not as funny when I realized all that. I much prefer my naivety when I just laughed and laughed because Chrissy was stupid and Jack fell down a lot. Oh well.


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