I might have mentioned it before, but I used to do dinner theater. Like huge, whole heaps of dinner theater. All over the greater Baltimore, Maryland area. We can get into that at another time, please believe, but I bring it up now because of the video above: a remix using Disney’s Mary Poppins clips.

I was in two performances of Mary Poppins in my DTC (Dinner Theater Career): The first time I was a penguin (Supercalifragilisticespialidocious!), chimney sweat (steppin’ time!), dancing bear (I’m as confused as you), and various other random characters. I was 11. The second time, I was Mrs. Banks – the suffragette! A much better fit, I’m sure you’d agree…

But you know what? I was NEVER freakin’ Mary Poppins. Annoying, but I’ll admit a Julie-Andrews soprano, I am not. Still, some say that nearly 15 years later (good g-d I’m old) I’m still a smidge miffed.

P.S. Isn’t Julie Andrews so pretty?


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