Good Stuff Eatery: Michelle’s Melt


Chef Spike Mendelsohn – he of Top Chef Season 4 (Chicago) – is going on Good Morning America tomorrow to announce a new addition to the Good Stuff Eatery menu in honor of First Lady Michelle Obama. It shall be called… Michelle’s Melt:

A free range turkey burger with caramelized onions, swiss cheese, topped with a ruby red tomato, crisp lettuce, and South Lawn herb garden mayo on a freshly baked wheat bun.

I always get the Free Range Turkey Burger (Chunky Avocado & Sprouts & Muenster Cheese & Ruby Tomato, On A Pennsylvania Dutch Whole Wheat Bun) anyway so this won’t be a big stretch for me.

Folks may remember when I blogged about Michelle’s visit to Good Stuff Eatery back in May. FLOTUS loves a good burger, and I love a good FLOTUS story coupled with a good burger story. It’s essentially win/win.

The best part of this delish new addition to the Good Stuff menu is that all proceeds go towards DC Central Kitchen. Well done, Spike! Well done.


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