My Favorite 2009 Emmy Dresses

In case you’re wondering, my favorite Emmy dress was worn by…

January Jones

January Jones

January Jones! She looks lovely in a “modern, pink quartz silk satin evening gown with an embroidered glass beaded bustier by Versace. She added Neil Lane jewels and platform sandals from Jimmy Choo.”

I love this dress the most for many reasons, most notably because there is no scenario on God’s green Earth where I could pull off this dress. And that’s why Hollywood and celebrities are for – to make us regular people feel bad about ourselves.

Other favorites include: Blake Lively, ChloΓ« Sevigny, Toni Collette, Lindsay Price, Jon Hamm, Mary Louise Parker, Sandra Oh, Ginnifer Goodwin, Heidi Klum, and Olivia Wilde.

Some not-so favorites: Padma Lakshmi (love you PL, but there is a weed growing out of your va-jay-jay on your hip), Hayden Panettiere (she always bugs in my book, but this is just bad all around.), Mila Kunis (why was she there and where is Macaulay?), Tina Fey (boring) and Kyra Sedgewick (ew, ew, ew). Seriously… WTF?

(Photo source: Steve Granitz/Getty Images)


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