Ten Reasons Gossip Girl is Awesome

What an excellent list of reasons to love Gossip Girl… written by an Aussie, no less! H/t to @mattyglesias for the head’s up.

Here are some of my favorite reasons Erin wrote about:

3. The Seamless Integration of Online and Offline Lives

Watching most TV shows, you’d think the internet didn’t exist.  Sure, How I Met Your Mother had the Slapbet countdown, and websites rate a mention here and there.  But few shows represent how central the internet has become to many of us.  We communicate via Twitter or Facebook, we find people via email, we google to solve an argument while walking down the street.  When we get lost, we use our GPS to find our way.  Life isn’t split up into Online and Offline worlds anymore- and Gossip Girl is the one show that gets this right.

4. Watching it is a communal experience.

Maybe it’s just here, but it seems to me that most people I know who watch and love Gossip Girl are the kind of people I’d like to be friends with.  They’re the kind of people I enjoy chatting with.  And, not coincidently, a fairly large proportion of my friendship group loves Gossip Girl.  We had a Season 2 Finale Party.  We’ll have a premiere party tonight.  And when it’s done, we’ll talk about it.  Watching Gossip Girl isn’t something you do in a vacuum- it’s a communal experience.  It’s something to be enjoyed and relieved with friends.  Countless hours of gchat will be devoted to tomorrow’s episode…. OMG, we should totally liveblog it.  Or not. [Ed. note – Casey, KPD, and I know what she’s talking about! It’s how we survived winter, 2009.]

6. Chuck and Blair.

Oh, since the dawn of my television years, I’ve love many a television couple.  Lynda and Spike. Uncle Jesse and Becky. Cory and Topanga. Josh and Donna. To name a few, of course.   I could pretend to be all grown up, and talk about shots and plot arcs and characterization.  But there’s on thing that brings me back to a show. One thing that makes me slavishly devoted to a show: a good romantic subplot..

And Gossip Girl has the romantic subplot mastered.  Chuck and Blair have such natural tension that the will-they-or-won’t-they feels natural.  Even the uneasy peace at the end of last season is certain not to last long.  We know- as the characters do- that they are destined to be together. But we also know it won’t be easy.  It’s a bittersweet moment, watching them hand in hand, because it can’t last long.

And that will bring me back, week after week.

If you’re a Gossip Girl fanlike me! – what are your favorite reasons for watching and loving the show? Oh, and THANK GOD THE SEASON THREE PREMIER IS TONIGHT!


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