Senator Al Franken draws map of USA

A man after my own heart:

Sen. Franken (D-MN) draws a mean map of the good ole U.S.A. from memory. It’s dorky, nerdy, and lovable which is likely why I love it so much.

Why are maps so much fun? When I was a wee Molly, I would take my favorite book of the 50 states – I owned many different books on the subject – and quiz my parents during long drives to Pittsburgh, Fenwick Island, or practically anywhere longer than a 20 minute drive from home. Look – when you’re a kid, any car ride is a long car ride. And I’d be all, “Dad – what is the state bird of South Dakota,” and “Mommy – what is the state motto of Kansas?” And they’d be all “Is our daughter talking? This is why we only had one.”

Anyway, the question remains: Should I become a cartographer? It’s never too late… though I suppose one could argue that my current occupation in electoral politics is pretty much like reading about the 50 states all day long. Vindication?


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