Dancing Boys: Shorty Got Low & Shook Me All Night Long

This past weekend I went to RL’s wedding and obviously it was wonderful, amazing, booze-filled, Croatian, and so much fun. The dancing – which is one of my favorite parts of any wedding – was OOC fun. We had a ball, but surly none more than TK – CK’s hubby and rug-cutter extraordinaire:

I know the quality is poor. Sorry people – I’m not a video wiz when I’m out on the dance floor singing my heart out (you might hear me in the audio), but you get the idea. TK is amazing. I am partial to the part where he unbuttons his top shirt buttons… it was getting hot in therre (two “r”s intended)… about one minute in. His lovely wife, CK, is no stranger to the dance floor herself. In fact, their wedding included a dance-off so outstanding, so unbelievable, I still talk about it to perfect strangers. CK, along with her brother and sister, does this wacky li’l dance move which involves circling an object – any 0bject – and jumping over it, dancing up to it, around it, etc. It’s impossible to describe and delightful to watch. Moral of the story? They’re dancers.

Well, internets… one of CK’s friends found some footage of what can onlyย be described asย CK and TK’s future son. Get a load of this little guy:

Ah-mazing. As DW said:

If that kid would have thrown in a one-armed pushup I would have asked for a DNA test.

That’s how much this kid emulates the TK dance moves. Oh man, so much fun to watch.


One thought on “Dancing Boys: Shorty Got Low & Shook Me All Night Long

  1. INCREDIBLE. This kid has some insane moves. TK could learn a thing or two. And the bottle dance, Mollytics, pretty well known in most cicles.

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