Wilco on CBS Sunday Morning

I love it when two of my favorite things pair up to make my day a little better… like peanut butter & chocolate, hot sauce & [insert any food here], and bacon & mussels.

In this case, I’m talking about Wilco – one of the best bands ever – who will be on CBS Sunday Morning – the best Sunday morning show that I’ve blogged about previously – tomorrow! From the CBS website:

If you asked a room full of music critics to list the greatest American rock bands performing today, chances are a large majority of them would mention Wilco. If you’ve never heard of Wilco, or can’t quite think of any of their greatest hits, don’t blame the band – they’ve been putting out their unique brand of music for 15 years, play to sold-out audiences, have won two Grammy awards, and sold more than 4 million albums. But to many, Wilco has always been a band just under the radar – while a favorite of critics and big on college campuses, they’ve never cracked Top 40 radio.

In her interview with WIlco lead singer and songwriter Jeff Tweedy, CBS correspondent Cynthia Bowers talks about the mythology that’s grown up around Wilco, that they’re the “greatest band that never gets played on the radio.” Not one for false modesty, Tweedy responds, “we’d be happy to be the second greatest band that does get played on the radio.” And Tweedy just might get his wish – Wilco’s new album is their fastest seller ever, debuting at number 4 on the Billboard charts.

A profile of the Chicago-based, all-American band, this Sunday Morning.

YAY. In honor of the summary above, I suggest watching this video of Wilco performing the tongue-in-cheek “The Late Greats:”


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