Pasta with Pecorino, Parsley, and Pepper was… Eh.

After watching ridiculous amounts of backlogged Barefoot Contessa over the weekend, I knew I had to make her recipe for pasta with parsley, pecorino and pepper because my mouth literally watered when I watched her cook it. This was a recipe from her “Herb Hall of Fame” – not to be confused with Peaches and Herb – episode. I thought the other two recipes looks yum, too… FWIW.

Anyway, it was a given that I was going toΒ make it for dinner last night. It was my mission. And the result? Eh. Not so good. I couldn’t taste the parsley, even after tripling what the recipe called for. The pepper was over powering, and it wasn’t lite and fresh like I’d hoped. Over all… fail. And now I have about four days worth of leftovers. Ahh well. I tried, right?

I think that next time I make it – because there will be a next time – I will add cherry tomatoes and maybe a protein. Or serve it with grilled fish.




3 thoughts on “Pasta with Pecorino, Parsley, and Pepper was… Eh.

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