Co Cojito at Co Co Sala, DC

If you live in DC and enjoy good-tasting things, you should go to Co Co Sala and ask for the Co Cojito:

hello, lover.

hello, lover.

Delicious doesn’t even begin to cover it. Of course, when something contains these ingredients – Van Gogh Chocolate Infused Vodka, Fresh Mint & Limes, Dark Chocolate Flakes – how can it fail?

Insanity. This drink was created for me and DC Striving, and I can’t wait to take her there so I can have another!


5 thoughts on “Co Cojito at Co Co Sala, DC

    • Am trying to repeat the experience of the drink with friends in NH. I’ve watched the video on youtube, but I can’t hear all the ingredients. Mint, limes, simple syrup, chocolate vodka, club soda and ?. The bartender adds some liquid before shaking it up but I can’t hear what it is. Help!

        • I tried it with a little lime juice one time and another with a little plain vodka. Both were good so I guess it would depend on whether a person wants less scurvy or more kick. Thanks

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