I’m Going to See Spring Awakening Tonight!

Chances are, if you’re reading this on Wednesday night, then I’m probably at the Kennedy Center, watching Spring Awakening. It’s okay to embrace your jealousy. I’m jealous of me, too.

I’ve been dying to see this show since I saw them on The View – back when Rosie was a co-host. Those were the good-ole-days of The View, if you ask me:

And then, naturally, I immediately downloaded the soundtrack and promptly memorized every word. I fell in love with their performance on The Tony Awards show that year:

A reference to my love of the show made my hot list of Julio, 2007 – side note, I should start doing those again:

Julio ‘07 Charity: Kiva, because this organization is helping the world’s poorest people help themselves straight out of poverty. Curious how? Just ask me about it. I love to talk about this. And other subjects. Like Disney. And Spring Awakening. And Chipotle burritos. Uh, anywho.

The show is still hot. When the new 90210 premiered, the main characters performed the show for their high school play. And, the woman who originally played the lead on Broadway, Lea Michele, is now in Fox’s new show, Glee. I KNOW, right? Life is good, sometimes.

I can’t wait to see the touring company of talented kids. Yay!


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