DF is my Backstreet Boy

My crazy boo, DF, had me up into the wee hours of the night… searching for a song that we used to dance to in college. I know what you’re thinking,”What old school jam could she possibly be talking about?” Well, duh. If you know me, you know where this is going. Plus – I’m probably sure you read the title of this post.

The Backstreet Boys: AJ, Brian, Kevin, Nick, and Howie. That’s right.

I hope you can enjoy the video above for what it is – a crazy Neptunes remix that was hot for the denizens of GWU. Excuse me, THE GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY. I feel for ya if you can’t relate.

Shoot – the song even references the two-way page. AMAZING. And the old-school celly cell? Priceless. Totally worth combing through my millions of DF mix CDs. MIX CDs!

DF is great for this sort of stuff. When he emailed, asking if I had the aforementioned song (it’s not available on iTunes, duh) – I asked if it was on one of their cds, and he wrote:

OMG, who are you? You were acting like you had never heard of the backstreet boys!

See – without my daily infusion of DF, I don’t get nearly enough pop in my iPod nano. And he’s constantly disappointed in me, ’cause it wasn’t always that way.

Anyway, two hours of listening to all my old mix CDs finally resulted in the track. I downloaded it onto my computer, and sent it to DF and told him this better be for one bomb-ass mix. He replied:

I bible. It’ll rock.

“I bible? I bible?” This is exactly why he’s my best boo. That, and because he wrote the single greatest poem to me when I turned 22 (22!) and it’s still one of the top three things I turn to when I’m feelin’ sad. Enjoy this celebration of me (or if you’d rather not, feel free to “x” out the tab. We’re done here.):

It was freshman year at GW,
When I began my long quest.
A little down on my luck,
And looking for a new best.

There was nobody in Thurston –
Believe me, I looked, I know.
So I made a wish at 11:11
And lucky for me I found a pro.

It was freshman english
That the two of us would meet.
For there next to Mark Santanello
Sat the picture of sweet.

Was she black, white with a tan?
Or just mexican, I wanted to know!
Well turns out she was born in Chile,
To a 13 year old South American ho.

Adopted, deported, and raised –
Typical Chilean rags-to-riches.
She attended St. Paul’s School for Girls –
Ya know, one of them private school bitches.

Preppy, popular, and innocent
Her demeanor coulda made me sick.
But underneath it all
I saw a thievin’ down ass trick.

When I met her it was all
Angel and April and such.
But I could tell Mol was a keeper
The others, not so much.

She was all Disney and showtunes.
I liked Janet, Britney and Pink.
Some things we remained divided on,
But I made her dump Backstreet for NSYNC.

Still she was sad about AJ’s addiction,
Well, of course, I mean that’s her nizzle.
Did I lie when I said that I’d pray for a speedy recovery?
Ah, fa shizzle.

From Private School Princess,
To trash talkin’ foo’.
Stealin’ candy from Provisions –
Yeah, I think I taught her that too.

I learn so much from her,
I think I catch on real quick.
Her #1 rule, never kiss on the mouth
When you’re just turning a trick.

Rojit, Abs and Gundersen –
Them boys will come and they will go.
Downright slutty or just a tease?
Ask Tatham, I hear she gave him a show.

She’s brave and adventurous,
Even studied an entire semester in Rome.
I like that she’s so well traveled,
But love much more when she at home.

Our future together looks bright,
Matter fact I think I’ll keep her around.
There’s talk of an apartment in New York –
But don’t ask her mom how that sound.

The rest is like history…
Has she changed, some might say.
She still sing a showtune or two,
But prefer a janet mix anyday.

In the end, My prayers were answered,
I’m the luckiest boy on the planet.
For who would have thought
I’d find a Jackson better than Janet?

If I ever let her go
She may fly away like a bird.
But do I think she’d come back?
Believe you me, I ain’t scurred.

DF – I love you. I bible.


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