Avocado Toast Love

Thanks to DC Striving, I have learned to embrace my avocado love. Before she came along, I only enjoyed them on salads and (obvi) in my world famous guacamolly.

You see, DC Striving and I used to work together and we live close to each other… so most nights we’d stop by Whole Foods on our walk home. It was a little ritual that I really miss. And she would frequently talk about how she’d be happy with nothing more than a baguette and avocado for dinner. I thought homegirl was crazy, until I actually succumbed – I bought a mini baguette, avocado and fizzy water and set off to try it.

SIDE NOTE: A friend of mine, *cough* TF *cough,* used you make fun of my random dinners that consisted of, say, spinach and marinara sauce… or refried beans and salsa… or garbanzo beans and, um, just garbanzo beans. So I don’t know why the concept of avocado and bread seemed totes ridic. But it did.

Well now, naturally, I’m an avocado, olive oil, and baguette fanatic. It’s the best. Crunchy, creamy, and totally satisfying. I have it about once a week, though I could probably stand to have it at least three times… especially now that I learned that a dash of lime and crushed chili pepper makes it all the better. DUH – why didn’t I think of that? H/t to A Cup of Jo for the tip.

Photo source: Lucahjin on Flickr

Photo source: Lucahjin on Flickr


5 thoughts on “Avocado Toast Love

  1. I am trying to cut back on the carbs, so I haven’t had my beloved baguette, dipped in oil, topped with avocado in so long. Your post made me so hungry. Seriously, give me that, a glass of red wine, some hard cheese, and call me a happy camper! And if the night ends with ice cream, all the dreamier!

    I miss our walks too – I wish I could get to WF early enough for a joint shopping shop!

  2. So, of course your post made me stop by Whole Foods on the way home with The Boy this afternoon (I love avocados – combine one with some brie on bread and I’m good!). But the only avocados they had were hard as rocks and sold in bags. I always want to be impressed by WF, but rarely am.

    But I did pick up a baguette and some Tillamook cheddar, so all is well!

  3. Oh yum… Can’t wait to try that one tomorrow, RZ.

    I’m glad to have inspired so many weekend-avocado purchases.

    And David – I’m with you on WF… I want to be impressed, but rarely am, and end up spending more than I even wanted to. At least you have Ellwood Thompon’s…

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