Lychee Martini

sneaky lil devil

sneaky li'l devil

Oh hello there, Lychee Martini. You are delicious and mysterious, and a little bit funky.

When DC Striving introduced me to you, I was initially hesitant. You looked like a slimy slug (yeah, I said it) floating in my cold, cold glass. But you tasted like sugary perfection. So much so that last night, at a delicious and much needed sushi dinner with TF at Thai Chef, I had two. I couldn’t get enough of clear sweet taste, and honestly – and I know DC Striving and I have talked about this before – sometimes I just order them to get the lychee at the bottom. There must be a cheaper, less intoxicating way to go about this, but I have yet to discover it. Anyway…

In what is perhaps the best thing about you, you create within me the need to dance, dance, dance. So the solo dance party I had in my apartment when I got home was way fun and much needed. (Oh – and no hangover. Win.)

Thank you for being so delish, so interactive, and so energizing. You are officially my summer drink of choice (sorry – mojitos are soo 2008). All this lychee lovin’ has me really wanting to hit up the Gibson. I will have to get on that soon.

Do you have a favorite summer cocktail… or cocktail for any time of the year? If so- share it in the comments, please!


5 thoughts on “Lychee Martini

  1. You can buy cans of lychees at Asian grocery stores. Fresh ones are hard to find on this side of the world, but an Asian grocer would probably be your best bet there, too.

    I’ve never had a lychee martini! Perhaps this will change tonight…

  2. I second what Kirsten said about getting them in jars at the asian market…and pick up some black vinegar while you’re there – just cause it’s delish.

    I do the same thing with dirty martinis. Love them, but man they make me a cheap drunk!

  3. Oh man, they used to sell fresh lychee on the sidewalk in Chinatown in Toronto. I used to get some (non-alcoholic) drink from a Vietnamese place there. Best. Haven’t had one since I returned.

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