POTUS Throws First Pitch at Baseball’s 2009 All-Star Game

My POTUS is cooler than your POTUS. For serious folks, President Obama couldn’t be more awesome if he tried.

Even though he was nervous to throw out the first pitch at the 2009 All-Star baseball game – and the LA Times argues he had every reason to be so – he was as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Or smooth as ice. But I’ll go with a baby’s bottom

Not that we could actually see where the pitch went… the Fox telecast didn’t even show if it made it over home plate. I blame Tim McCarver, obvi.

Check it out:

Goodness me. Too adorable.

Also adorable: When asked why the White Sox jacket, President Obama replied, “I’m a White Sox fan and my wife thinks I look cute in this jacket so why not?”


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