Q & A with Jeff Tweedy in The New York Times Magazine



I’m at the beach right now – trying to soak up the sun because my parents rented the place out for the remainder of July – and I’ve been slowly catching up with necessary reading.

You know necessary reading, don’t you? It’s the stuff that slowly builds and builds until you have a stack of books and magazines next to your bed that is taller than you are. If you’re like me, you have every good intention of reading it… but things just get in the way. Things like work, life, The Bachelorette

Anyway, I was reading this weekend’s New York Times magazine, found a Q&A with Jeff Tweedy from Wilco, and found myself falling even more in love with Tweedy. For example:

How would you describe your singing voice, in general?
Somewhere between Gordon Lightfoot and a tea kettle. I would not get past the first round of “American Idol.”

Exactly. I loathe American Idol – sorry DF but you already know this is true – so that’s like the best answer I could have read.

For more Jeff Tweedy reading, there’s an interesting article in the July 1 issues of NYTimes… check it out, if you haven’t already.


One thought on “Q & A with Jeff Tweedy in The New York Times Magazine

  1. I read that Q&A on the beach over the weekend. Normally Deborah Solomon’s interviews drive me nuts, but that one wasn’t too bad

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