Obama Family to Vacation in Martha’s Vineyard

H/t to Will Blog for Food for the news, and Politico for the coverage:

President Barack Obama and his family plan to vacation next month on Martha’s Vineyard, Democratic sources said.

The trip has long been rumored on the island, where federal agents were reported to be checking out property last spring.

The plan puts the Obamas in one of America’s most diverse resort areas. The enclave of Oaks Bluff has long been a favorite vacation spot for the nation’s African-American elite.

The Vineyard was a favorite vacation spot of President Bill Clinton and his wife, Hillary, now Obama’s secretary of state.

An article about the Vineyard in New York magazine reported: “In the past, Obama has spent time playing golf with Vernon Jordan, swimming off South Beach, playing basketball … reading and watching the ferries, and taking the girls for ice cream on Circuit Avenue.”

Dang. Too bad we visit the Vineyard during thanksgiving. I wonder where the Obama’s will stay? Historically African-American Oak Bluffs? The Clinton home in Chilmark? My friend JT tells me this is where they’re staying, but I don’t yet know how he knows this, so I’ll call it a rumor.**


UPDATE: ** JT is so not funny. That’s where his family is staying, not the Obamas. And I believed him. Ass hat!


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