Potenza in DC

When I first read that Reese and Jake ate at Potenza, I knew I was going to have to try it soon. Thankfully, it was JT’s turn to pick our monthly dinner location and he had it on his list, too. Maybe he wanted to try it because of Reese and Jake… or maybe it was because AS and I both ix-nayed Central (which we both obvi love but have been to before)? Maybe it was of the promise of waitstaff wearing uniforms that made them look like “ball boys for Italy’s futbol team?” Maybe it was the promise of an adjacent wine shop and an in-house bakery available for carryout? Maybe because, due to it’s close proximity to the White House, it’s a prime candidate for an Obama date night? Or maybe because of the out-of-this-world bread that’s made on premises?

I dunno, but they certainly had me at Polipetti Carbonizza (charred octopus) + Reese + Jake. Just sayin’.

No joke – the DC bloggers did their due diligence and blogged about this restaurant with such intense detail that I felt left-out for not having visited it yet.

Papardelle di Cinghiale, at Potenza

Papardelle di Cinghiale, at Potenza

And so we will dine at Potenza. Tomorrow night. I’m excited not only for the restaurant and the wine, but also to see AS who I haven’t seen since our last group dinner. JT… I saw three Red Sox games with him, so it’s not as exciting.



6 thoughts on “Potenza in DC

  1. I just might have to spill a beer on you – since we’re going to an Italian restaurant, it will have to be a Peroni.

    Tom Sietsema has a review of Potenza in the Post – he wasn’t a fan. I hope we like it…

  2. I’m sad I won’t be able to partake in any more group dinners! If anyone’s in NY, maybe we could try it here?

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