Favorite Michael Jackson Memory #8: Michael & Janet in “Scream”

Remember the friend I told you about in a previous post? Well, DF is more than a fan of Janet Jackson. He loves her more than he loves me, but just marginally… right D? But for serious, the stories I could tell you about DF and his Janet-love would fill up an entire book. Maybe one day, when DF gives me his permission, I’ll blog about it here. Until then, just take my word – the boy loves his Janet.

So much so, that when I originally learned that Michael Jackson had died, my first text was to DF – asking if Janet was ok. This is how we do.

Obviously DF has his own favorite Michael Jackson memory, so when he shared it with me, I asked him if it was ok for me to share it with you… it is, after all, one of my favorite memories too.

My favorite MJ moment has to be the “Scream” video. Michael and Janet take on the haters. Disgusted by all the injustice, as only the Jacksons can be.

  • Killer choreography? Check. (particularly at the 3:17 point).
  • Funky costumes? Check.
  • Outer space video games? Check.

Do you agree with DF? See for yourself:


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