Favorite Michael Jackson Memory #10: Rocking out with NSYNC

Because I have so many good memories of Michael Jackson – and because my dad and I share his initials – I wanted to count my top 10 favorite Michael-Jackson-related memories. I’m going to start with #10:

The MJ part starts about 4 minutes in, for those of you that can’t bear to watch the excess NSYNC. I, for one, am not bothered by it one bit. Though I’ve always been a Backstreet Boys lady myself (sigh), I know good pop when I see it. I remember watching this live with DF. It was during the height of our obsession with each other, and if I’m remembering correctly, it was actually still a surprise to us that MJ himself showed up. We didn’t have blogs and twitter to ruin the surprise.

Funny, but true, story: I’m convinced that DF was only friends with me because:

  1. My initials were “MJ,”
  2. My dad’s name is “Michael Jackson,”and
  3. He could call me “Miss Jackson if you’re nasty.”

They are, it is, and he did. And so… a friendship was born.

You can watch another fab Michael Jackson/NSYNC collaboration here, if you wish.


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