Michelle Obama at Good Stuff Eatery

As Metrocurean said (on her twitter feed), it’s POTUS/FLOTUS burger week.

"Kicky" ponytail you got there!

"Kicky" ponytail you got there!

Spotted: Michelle Obama at Good Stuff Eatery today. DANG am I jealous I missed that. I love me some Good Stuff Eatery! (Remember when I went with CK and she looked like a playboy pinup?) Via DC365:

…I’m not back one day when the Michelle Obama took the neighbor thing one step further, by eating lunch at Good Stuff Eatery, across the street from my office.  So what did I do?  Joined in the growing crowd, whipped out my camera, and waited for the First Lady to exit the building.

She whizzed past us, waving and smiling, in a kicky little ponytail and grey capri pants, as the crowd shouted “We love you!”  (This is, for the record, the most celebrity-esque scrum I’ve been in.  This is the Lindsey Lohan of Washington).
I do really love and admire how the Obamas are making this city their home, and taking part in the life and culture this city has to offer.  They are some pretty hot neighbors.

I honestly couldn’t have said it any better myself. Which is why I won’t.

Let the Obama love continue… I shall now eat burgers from different burger-shops around the DC metro area (that’s right, I might cross the bridge into, gasp, Rosslyn) until I see me an Obama family member. Anyone care to join me?

UPDATE: I just got an email from Good Stuff Eatery (yes, I’m on their mailing list) and they said:

Did you eat at Good Stuff Today? If you did and got a shot of Michelle Obama at the restaurant… email it to info@goodstuffeatery.com and if it’s the best one… you and three friends eat free!

Double dang! Wish I’d been there… and I bet you do, too.


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