New Home for KC and HC

Congratulations, originally uploaded by Eduardo!.

This weekend, KC and HC moved into a new home on the Hill. In a cruel twist of fate, this house is literally (not figuratively) across the street from the house I used to live in when I lived on the Hill. The only thing I really have to say about this is, “Unfair!”

I spent the majority of Sunday chilling with the new-home owners and also spent an insane amount of time organizing their bathroom linens, towels and toiletries… a task that doesn’t sound hard, but trust me, it was. The prosecco didn’t help, but sure did taste good.

Plus – I got to meet the parents of KC (AMAZING! and more details later) and the infamous LJ boys. I’ll FOR SURE be writing more about them later, but I’ll leave you with this (as proof of their cuteness): The three year old wore a NEW YORK YANKEES jersey and proudly proclaimed his love for Derek Jeter and all-things Yankee, and I still found him too adorable and entertaining to dislike. In fact, I was a little bit obsessed.

And besides… he’s young. He’ll learn about the magic of the Red Sox in no time…


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