popcorn popping on the apricot tree

I read dooce’s post which referenced the Morman-children’s folksong, “Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree,” and never one to pass on an opportunity to learn a new children’s song (I’ll expand on this is future posts), I hopped on over to the youtube video she referenced:

There’s this children’s song in Mormon folklore called Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree (here’s a YouTube video of two cute kids singing it), a song I sang every Sunday for probably ten straight years of my life. And although this isn’t an apricot tree, I always hum the popcorn song when I look out our kitchen window and see it. I think this means the Mormons are winning.

(I had to include her whole post because I really enjoy her writing so much.) The kids singing it are cute, I’ll concede, but I much prefer this version:

Go on, watch it. It’s only 45 seconds.

Ok, so where should I start? The first time I watched it, I only saw the girl. Her facial expressions alone make this a great video. Her serious face, her sassy side pony, the braces – yes. It all works.

Then I noted the tall boy in the back. I appreciate his hand motions the most, but what really got me was how he nonchalantly closed the door mid-song, and then shimmied and checked himself out in the mirror. Excellent.

But the best? The best is the smaller boy in the front. He simultaneously looked like an innocent kid and a thug all at once – especially at the end. They’re dancing to a reggae version of this Morman folksong people, and this kid looks like he both wanted to eat this fictitious popcorn AND beat the crap out of me.


Even better, the explanation for why thy did this: “We were bored!”


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