Nasal Irrigation


Photo by Leif Parsons, NY Times

Yeah – I’ll go there. But only because recent events warrant it. And because we’ve already discussed fiber-inducing problems here, yes?

Ok then.

One night, not too long ago, I was having dinner with KP and KC and, well, it might have been the lychee martinis, or maybe it was the sushi-induced coma, but for whatever reason, I felt the need to share my newest find: the nasal irrigation.

Personally, I use NASAFlo neti pot, but let’s just leave it at that.

KP and KC hadn’t heard of this technique, and when I described it, you would have thought I suggested the way to cure allergies was to drink the blood of a male goat, dance around in circles while singing “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” and then go get a strawberry milkshake. In other words, they thought it was gross and ridiculous.

But you know what? I’ve had an on-again-off-again cold since November, and my nose has been stuffed since then. Seriously. I grew addicted to the nasal spray that gave me relief, and the cycle just wouldn’t stop. I needed help. And then, my doctor suggested nasal irrigation.

And now I’m a whole new woman. I haven’t been sick or used my nasal spray since I started with the NASAFlo neti pot. And further, during my recent incident involving hives, my doctor suggested nasal irrigation for temporary relief… and it worked.

Still, it wasn’t until the New York Times wrote an article about it that KC thought twice about her quick assumption:

For some, the neti pot, a nasal irrigator that resembles a small teapot, has become an alternative remedy. While it is not nearly as convenient as popping a pill or using a spray, several recent studies have found that nasal irrigation can reduce symptoms of allergies and other nasal problems.

One benefit is that irrigation can clear nasal passages without dryness or β€œrebound” congestion, which occurs when overuse of decongestants leads to dependence and irritated tissue.

One day, KP and KC will need relief, they will turn to the neti pot, and then I can say I TOLD YOU SO. Until then…


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