I’ve got the hives

The hive, originally uploaded by borealnz.

(I figured it was better to put a picture of a bee hive instead of the actual hives that are all over my body. That would just be gross, and I’m trying to learn boundaries.)

I should have known something was up last night. As I sat on the couch and watched “Whose Wedding Is It Anyway” (I wish I was lying), I started scratching my arm without really noticing it. Next thing I knew, huge red hives. But then the phone rang and I forgot all about it. I’m easily distracted that way.

Fast forward to this morning.

I took one look in the mirror, and didn’t recognize myself. The hives are now on my face, arms, stomach and feet. They’re huge, hot, red and raised. It’s freaky at best, and itchy at worst.


What in the world am I reacting to now?


4 thoughts on “I’ve got the hives

  1. That happened to me last fall! It was from an antibiotic though. It went away a day after I stopped taking it. (Thank God.) Hives blow.

    I hope you figure out whatever’s bothering you soon! In the meantime, I found cold rags helped to relieve the itch.

  2. Marissa- thanks for the cold rag tip. It saved me until I got to the doctor’s. And Danielle, I would take the big B, but I’m allergic to that, too. Sad.

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