Bo, America’s Commander in Leash

And no, man, I did NOT make that title up… that’s the title of the soon-to-be-released book about The Obama Family’s new dog, and my new obsession, Bo!


Doug Mills/The New York Times

Via Arts Beat:

He’s already been the subject of obsessive media coverage, and now he will be the subject of a children’s book. Bo, the Portuguese water dogwho recently became the first presidential pet in the Obama White House, is the star of “Bo, America’s Commander in Leash,” which is expected in stores by the end of the month. Mascot Books, a small independent publisher in Herndon, Va., that specializes in producing titles based on university and school mascots, is rushing out the book to capture the fervor surrounding the Obamas’ new dog. The book is written by Naren Aryal, a founder of Mascot Books, and illustrated by Danny Moore, an employee of the company. Mr. Aryal said he and Mr. Moore had been working on the project for about two months, leaving space for pictures of the dog once it was chosen. The 32-page book includes references to longstanding White House traditions like the Easter egg roll and the pardoning of the Thanksgiving turkey, as well as newer things introduced by the Obamas like the swing set for their daughters, and Michelle Obama’s organic garden. Mr. Aryal said neither of the Obamas’ daughters are named in the book because he wanted to protect their privacy.

Obviously I will be purchasing this book, so you can look forward to pictures here once I receive it. How fun for you guys.

In other news, I finally got my lazy butt in gear to check the White House YouTube page for Bo-related video, and I found the footage of “Bo’s Arrival:”

Precious pooch, for sure, but the video will bore you if you aren’t obsessed like moi. (Look at that, I’m using French and I’m still a month out from my Paris trip. Yay for me moi.)

UPDATE: From today’s Last Call – DC’s “original favorite Portuguese water dog,” Splash Kennedy, “wrote a book” about his life in ’06, but it’s now in the “bargain-priced” section on (Roll Call).


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