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I think I’ve finally found a book club that works for me. In other words, I can drinks tons of wine, we can have a great discussion, a little dinner, and… some more wine. During the first book club, we read Loving Frank:


Excellent read, even if I did finish it after we met. Next up was What is the What by Dave Eggers:


I feel as though I strong armed the group into reading this one because I’d had it sitting on my bookshelf since the Democratic National Convention in August – shout out to the AWESOME Tattered Cover bookstore where I also purchased two other books (couldn’t resist) – and sitting in my mind’s bookshelf since it came out. Anyway, I’m glad I did, because this book was awesome. We all really enjoyed it and had a pretty intense discussion about U.S. policies on immigration, development, and the public school system. Yay us.

Still, this book was a little heavy, so for the next month, we’ve decided to go with American Wife: A Novel:


I’m totally stoked (again) because it’ll be a quick, but enjoyable read. And I already own it, so bonus!

Are any of you in a book club? What are you reading?


3 thoughts on “iHeart book club

  1. I just started with a newly formed book club. We got off to a great start reading The Widow Cliquot, about the woman who made Veuve Cliquot and the champagne industry. The book was interesting and worth reading, although we did have plenty of ideas on how it could have been better. The meeting itself involved a champagne tasting, lots of mimosas, quiche, madelaines – all things french – delish!
    The book we are reading now is Water for Elephants. I am hosting the meeting for it and since it is about the circus, I am going for a circus themed menu – including a cotton candy machine!
    I really want to read Loving Frank. I have heard such great things about the book.
    Are there any books you enjoyed reading, but didn’t make for good discussion at book club?

  2. i started my own book club last summer – a few pals and i just get together once a month. We read American Wife in December – awesome awesome read.

    this month we’re reading “stolen innocence” about a girl who grew up in the FLDS cult and was forced to marry her first cousin by Warren Jeffs. It looks really interesting, i need to get started soon.

    How did you find yours???

  3. Wow, Leslie – that’s quite the book club! I’m impressed, and a little jealous 😉 You should def. read Loving Frank. It’s really v. good. Since we’ve only read 2 books, I can’t say if any weren’t good… What is the What, especially, was a great conversation.

    Heidi – thanks for your comment. I checked out your blog and it was really interesting. It’s now in my google reader! We just randomly suggest books, and if there’s a majority, we roll with it. Perhaps sometime soon we’ll need a more democratic way of doing it, but this works for now. I’m a little obsessed with polygamy, so let me know if I should read “Stolen Innocence,” will you?

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