French Posters, Pictures and Poses

Ever notice that once you decide to take a trip somewhere, you see that place everywhere you go? That’s what’s happening with me and France. It’s so much fun.

On Abbey Goes Design Scouting, I found these awesome French Posters:


*City Dogs*




Obviously, I head straight for the dogs and the seafood. You can find more in the online shop.

Then, while playing around with tumblr one night (still trying to figure out how that site can benefit me), I found this hysterical photograph:

France, not Hilton.

France, not Hilton.

I just happened upon it – I wasn’t searching for it or anything, and I’m pretty sure that was my facebook status at some point today. Or maybe I tweeted it? Anyway… funny.

And finally, I just discovered this blog (description: A visual record of cool stuff guys wear…and other things that inspire me), and while scrolling through the archives, I came upon this:


From what I’ve seen thus far, Designerman is a fabulous sketcher. I love how he captures the fashion of others in everything from the runway to on-the-street. This guy above is from the Lanvin show, last June, in Paris. Duh.

That’s all I’ll bore you with now, but you should know that today, my travel companion and I have been emailing flickr photos back and forth to each other… proudly proclaiming, “When we eat croissants, we’ll call them our ‘croissant brekkie’,” and “We’ll go to *this* Parisian food market, buy lunch, and eat it *here*,” and finally, “Then don’t YOU go to Paris.”

This is such fun.

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