half marathon, scrapple and dc

First off – Happy Birthday, DW!

I so rarely spend a weekend in DC. It’s probably because my summer weekends are spent at the beach, and since I’m originally from Baltimore, I’ve got a lotta reasons to scoot back and forth. So when I am in DC, I always swear up and down it’s the best weekend ever. And I really do mean it each time I say it.

This weekend, so far, is no exception. I kicked off the weekend cheering for my friend who ran the National Half Marathon (run, CK, run!), had a birthday breakfast at the Florida Avenue Grill, and went to the gym. After a quick shower, I’m going to clean my small-but-lovely apartment, and read some more of What is the What. The weather is beautiful. Clear blue skies with a nice chill in the air. Perfection.

The only negative? My march madness bracket isn’t doing so hot. Oh well. Can’t win ’em all.

Let’s get back to the Florida Avenue Grill for a second. When DW and I were discussing where we should try and grab breakfast, DW remembered the recent post in DCist about DC’s best breakfasts, and we were sold:

The folks at Florida Avenue Grill know what they’re doing when it comes to breakfast, and well they should: the place has been serving up Southern-style diner food since 1944, as evidenced by the yellowed, “famous for D.C.” framed headshots that adorn the walls. The breakfast menu offers every imaginable combination of classic favorites. You want eggs, buttery grits, hotcakes, bacon and flaky, homemade biscuits? No problem. Just order the recently added “Obama Special.” Add a side of their perfectly spiced scrapple for good measure (or the generous portion of Virginia ham, or the corned beef hash, or the stewed apples, or the home fries). The lines to get one of the few cramped tables are notoriously long on the weekends, but make a point of meeting a friend there at 8 a.m. on a Tuesday, and you won’t be sorry. This is no gruff institution, either. Half the reason to go is for the warm, family atmosphere. Bring your smile and your appetite, and leave your diet at the door.

DW went for the “Obama Special” and I stuck with what my Aunt always made me: eggs medium and scrapple. Amazing. Everything was as delicious as advertised. And the service? One of a kind.



I hope you’re having a lovely weekend, too!


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