Acadiana Dinner

Dinner was OOC delish last night… but dang! I’m still full over 12 hours later. And I didn’t even go for the turtle soup…

I’m pretty sure there was nothing on the menu we didn’t order:

  • warm biscuits with butter and sweet pepper jelly
  • crispy “gas station” pork boudin balls
  • trio of deviled eggs (crabmeat ravigote, pickled shrimp, duroc ham)
  • trio of “pies” (natchitoches meat pie, louisiana crawfish pie, southern vegetable pie, black pepper buttermilk dipping sauce)
  • grilled gulf redfish
  • cracked black pepper crusted ny strip
  • new orleans style barbeque shrimp
  • jalapeno cheese grits
  • pecan tart

Phew. No wonder I still feel full… My favorite? Probably the grilled gulf redfish, though that meat pie was no joke either.

Full feelings aside, I 100 percent recommend this to anyone looking for a delicious dinner in DC.

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