Oh, you know. I’m sick again.

Sick (cup of tea and tissues), originally uploaded by tea_austen.

I’m sick for what feels like the fourteenth time this year… but in actual fact, is the fifth time. I got sick Thursday night/Friday morning, and haven’t felt good since.

Oh, and I scratched my eyeball somehow, so what I thought was pink eye was actually an eye scratch.

I’m in Pity City, if you couldn’t tell.

I’ll be back when I’m back – my guess is Wednesday.

cough cough sniff sniff, mollytics


4 thoughts on “Oh, you know. I’m sick again.

  1. I (partially) blame this on the 60+ degree weather… I mean, we can’t go from snow to sweat in a matter of hours, right? Ugh.

    Still, even if I felt well, these muggy, silly-stupid “nice weather” days make me angry… or maybe it’s just the fever talking.

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