snow day in the district

I got my lovely snow day! It’s here and it’s beautiful… even if I am stuck at work. While searching for some pictures of the snowfall, I quickly read We Love DC’s take, and I agree with the assessment on Fenty and city-wide operations:

Driving the wife to work this morning, I am happy to say that Fenty is responding to the Snowpocalypse better than Barry did. Roads are open all the way to the White House and snow plows are everywhere. Now let’s see Obama bitch.

My sentiments exactly.

If it’s snowing where you are, I hope you are able to enjoy it!

UPDATE: Oooh, and this is even better:


(image via dcist)

Thanks, DW, for sharing that with me.


One thought on “snow day in the district

  1. I agree! As I drove in this morning, I actually turned to the husband and said, “Man, Fenty is doing a good job.” As a girl who grew up in the snow district, good job DC, good job.

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