Michelle Obama has a fantastic profile

I’m obsessed with profiles and our first lady Michelle Obama. So this story, from Mrs. O blog, was a natural for me:

We’ve been eagerly anticipating Leslie Brown’s second drawing of the First Lady, inspired by a 2007 Annie Leibovitz photograph of Mrs. O. The image, both here and in the original form, is one of the most stunning of the First Lady we’ve ever seen.

We love Mr. Brown’s masterful shading, and the striking silhouette and graceful slope of Mrs. O’s neck and shoulders that he has so perfectly captured.

Several weeks ago we featured Mr. Brown’s first drawing of Mrs. O. To see that work, and learn more about the talented artist (also a language arts teacher in Olathe, KS), click here.

Check it out:


Her beauty makes me speechless, her poise inspires greatness, and geez – she’s just breath-taking.

Happy weekend, everyone!


One thought on “Michelle Obama has a fantastic profile

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