take me out to the ball game

I’m a bad blogger. A bad, bad blogger. But my job – the one that pays the bills – has been kicking my a*s and by the time I get home from work, I’m too busted to blog.

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry because I let the first game of spring training go by without properly acknowledging it. Ack! My bad, Red Sox, my bad.

Oooh boy is this season is already setting itself up to be a quite an exciting one:

  • First off, the Red Sox are playing the Nationals in a three-game series and guess who is going to all three games? YES! Yours truly. ALL THREE.
  • Secondly, the Red Sox have introduced their own stimulus package by changing game time to 7:10 p.m…. which isn’t really exciting, so much as just funny.
  • Lastly, I finally buckled down and bought a mini season-ticket plan to the Nationals with JT. It makes me feel like a real Washingtonian, and the Nationals stadium is so kick-ass, it’d be a shame not to support it and my city. And I love baseball – did I mention that?

There’s something so American about baseball. I just love feeling this patriotic. Not quite as patriotic as I felt during the Inauguration, but close, and that’s never bad.

So yay! It’s baseball time… you ready for it?

3 thoughts on “take me out to the ball game

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