Clown Cookie

Half Clown Cookie, originally uploaded by jbracken.

This past weekend, even though I was feeling extra stoopid (read: groggy, disconnected, a little like vomiting), I had to follow through on my commitment to go home and visit family friends.

On Sunday I saw the R family – and they are always so much fun. Though admittedly it’s a bit of a drive into Maryland cow country, it’s always totally worth it to see all of them… especially the kids Be and Br.

Be is hysterical. I’ve blogged about him before (check out his dirt-bike-riding prowess at… AGE 3!), but this just takes the cake.

I brought ben a clown cookie as a treat for after lunch. Typically, clowns scare me but this clown had fun red hair, just like Be’s, so it thought it was apropos. He loved it, ate it, and I thought that’d be the end of it. Instead, I got this email from his mom this AM:

Be asked me this morning if I think the clown cookie is still in his stomach or if he has already turned to poop…

That’s pretty fantastic, right? LOVE HIM! and this is one of the many, many reasons why…


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