Oscar Dress Fails

Oscar Dress Fails, originally uploaded by mollytics.

So much to say here, but overall, I think it’s worth noting that I didn’t have many fails. And some of the failures weren’t too terribly attrocioius. So that’s good, right?

That said, I offer the following commentary:

  1. Beyonce – You are always a failure in my book.
  2. Tilda Swinton – I think you do this to us on purpose, so I kinda respect you for this.
  3. Jessica Biel – Huh? Why are you even here? That said, I appreciate the idea, but the execution was poor. And the black shoes didn’t help.
  4. Freida Pinto – Lovely color, but I don’t dig the one armed mesh blanket. Even on your pretty, pretty self.
  5. SJP – I think your boobies look phenom in this, but I wish it went to the ground and didn’t awkwardly mimic a “barely-mint” wedding dress. Still, I do kinda like it.
  6. Alicia Keys – This isn’t too bad, but your awful makeup job and awkward posing destroy an otherwise ok dress.

So let me hear it. Agree? Disagree? What are your favorite “oscar dress fails?”


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