Netflix Queue

First of all, I think writing/typing/saying “queue” has to be one of my greatest pleasures in life. That said, when Miriam asked the feministing communityto share the top three from their netflix queue, I was inspired. So I’m going to share and then ask you: What’s at the top of your netflix queue/movie watching wish list?

For me, it’s:

Ira & Abby
You Can’t be Neutral on a Moving Train

No judgements, please.


6 thoughts on “Netflix Queue

  1. I’m including the two I have at home right now:

    1. Tyler Perry’s the Family that Preys
    2. Burn After Readng
    3. I’ve Loved You So Long

  2. Wow, we are all over the place on our queue:

    Highschool Musical (I’ve never seen it and I feel lame)
    The Hours (MJD’s choice – a little too heavy for me, but we compromise!)
    Streetfight about the 2002 James-Booker race in Newark, NJ

  3. Danielle – your #1 confuses me… but I like it! KPD – The Hours in fantastic. One of my most favorite films. I own the dvd.

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