trolls are real

fremont troll, originally uploaded by sgoralnick.

Picture this:

It’s late – like, really late – at night, and a certain someone who has to catch a 7am plane at Dulles… DULLES… should really be asleep. Instead, this gem of a conversation happens:

Person #1: You should see her. She’s a troll.

Mollytics: That’s so mean, and probably not quite true.

Person #1: No, really! When I met her, I was like, “OMG. Trolls are real!”

To be fair, he probably said, “Oh my God” instead of “OMG” but… semantics, right?

Anyway, I know it’s mean, and harsh, and unkind, and the universe is probably going to send me one big, fat karmic reaction, but I don’t care because when he said this, I laughed so hard, and so long, that I emailed myself to remind me of the funny.

This morning when I checked my email and it was still funny, I new I should blog it for immortality’s sake. Or my own.


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