President’s Day long weekend

This is long overdue, but tough cookies.

Wanna know how to have the best President’s Day weekend ever? Have your best, and his best, come visit you! I know, I’m a genius.

We hit all the usual suspects and a few newbies:

  • Logan Tavern – I finally met a person I’d heard so much about, and she didn’t dissapoint. Excellent.
  • Saint Ex – Aside from the frat boys sitting next to us, this was fun.
  • Marvin– I love their outside, rooftop bar, but DF and HG3 weren’t fans so we drank a beer and headed off to…
  • Bar Pilar– where we met up with JT and essentially closed the bar. Well done, us.
  • Eastern Market – Spotted: HG3 finding the best parking spot ever. We scooted in, did a walk-thru, and were off to DF’s favorite…
  • Clyde’s! – I know, I know. Tired, been-there-done-that, but DF loves it. Not anymore though, because they don’t make turkey burgers anymore.
  • National Portrait Gallery (why hello there, Shephard Fairey poster) – We sauntered across the street after our turkey-burger free lunch and took in the hall of presidents and various other art stuffs. Then I went home to sleep off my hangoverheadache so that we could get to DW’s house for some pre-dining drinks.
  • DW’s crib – Wino over here couldn’t drink very well (that’s a lie, I had two glasses) because of my headache, but it was still nice to gather in an apartment that could comfortably fit four. Plus – I got to take the D6 for the first time ever, so I had that going for me.
  • Asia9 – We had dinner reservations here, and while it wouldn’t have been my first choice, our waiter Jesse was THE BOMB and he made the whole night a special treat. I had some yummy valentines-day-themed sushi and then we went to meet friends at
  • RFD– Ok, so this place is not that great. But it wasn’t crowded, we got a table, and caught up with friends (old and new).
  • Commisary– Sunday morning, the ol’ GW gang brunched at Commisary. It was quite good, and super affordable.
  • Dupont farmer’s market It’s a quazi-lie to suggest we actually went here because it was totes over by the time we finished brunch and headed over.
  • Tangysweet– DC and HG3 totally enjoyed the DC version of pinkberry, but I know their collective hearts were still with the granddaddy of all faux yogurts back in NY.
  • hello cupcake –  Onward and upward to hello cupcake, but those a*s-hats were closed, too. EPIC FAIL.
  • Baked & Wired – Not to be deterred, we forged on to Baked & Wired to buy cupcakes and cookies. That was a smashing success… thank goodness!

Gifts of chocolate were received (AC/KC, you are the best):

so pretty, so delicious

so pretty, so delicious

But honestly, the best part was just rollin’ with the boys. So President’s Weekend, 2009? SUCCESS!

I’m going to take the cozy memories of last weekend with me as I dive head-first into this coming weekend… have a good one, all!


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