iHeart LEGO: LEGO hearts NY

Christoph Niemann, and his tribute to New York moments that was in last week’s New York Times, is so cute and clever. It certainly brings me back to my days of LEGO-building genius.

It really shouldn’t shock you that I rocked the LEGO like Britney rocks an arena. I played with LEGOs while most of my friends played with Barbies – dudes included.

Below are some of my favorite pieces, but you should definitely hop on over to the New York Times to check ’em all out.

Regular Coffee

Venti Latte :: Regular Coffee

Three Empty Seats On The Subway

Manhattan :: Metrocard :: Long Island :: Three Empty Seats On The Subway



NY architecture

NY architecture



(H/t to Abbey Goes Design Scouting and Miss Jane for reminding me I wanted to blog ’em!)

2 thoughts on “iHeart LEGO: LEGO hearts NY

  1. I’m thinking of doing a DC version with my LEGOs this weekend. I’m sure I’m not the first, but it’ll still be a fun exercise.

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