Crafty Bastard’s Presents: Crafts and Kisses

Wanna know where I’ll be today? You know, AFTER I take my sick iBook to the Apple Doctor? DC’s crafts & kisses:

Crafts and Kisses

Crafts and Kisses

First of all, I can hardly afford not to go. It’s less than a block away from where I live, Crafty Bastards always puts on a good show, and it’s free!

From the Crafty Bastards blog:

Crafts and Kisses, a Valentine-themed craft fair, is happening Feb. 8 at the Josephine Butler Parks Center at 2437 Fifteenth St NW, right next to Malcolm X/Meridian Hill Park in Washington, DC!

25 local vendors are participating! Pick up something fun for your lover, your friends, and everyone you admire, or indulge your own indie design craving.

Admission is free, the kissing booth is back, and goodie bags go to the first 50 visitors!

I’m going to try and meet AW and DC Striving there, but given my typical propensity for running late, it’s likely I’ll just catch them on the inside. Let’s hope I find some fun Valentine’s Day gifts!


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