29 and feelin’ fine

That’s a lie. I feel more than fine…

  • I’m 29!
  • It (finally) snowed in DC!
  • I had fantastic, mojito-filled pre-birthday happy hour(s) last night at Circa (thanks to CA) and learned things that I never knew I didn’t know!
  • We have a pro-choice president!
  • TF is still (and will always be) older than me!
  • CK greated me today with, “shit happy bday bitch!” (amazing.)
  • KPD brought the house down with one of the funniest cards ever.
  • I got a free “Happy bou day” coffee from Caribo.

These are just a few of the myriad reasons why I’m happy today… and it’s only 10:45 a.m.!

That said, when I read Lucy Actually’s birthday blog post for me, I lost it. Recapping our greatest hits from our 2.5 year friendship? Amazing birthday gift. Here’s one of my favorites:

5. Molly’s 27th bday. The crew (me, CK, DW) were all still in tact at the old job and decided it would be awesome to decorate  molly’s cube with Beyonce pictures. There are few things in life that Molly dislikes more than Beyonce – maybe Pepsi products and Pittsburgh. Anywho, we had an awesome time covering wallpapering her cube with photographs, including inside desk drawers and under her keyboard. Seeing her reaction when she walked in was priceless.

She hit the nail on the head, that one. You can see some pictures of my cube here.

I know it’s self indulgent, but this blog is self-indulgent so I reserve the right to bask in the glow of birthday sunbeams and gold-dipped wishes. And if that was a candy, I would eat it.

(I’ll be back to the same-ole grouch I always was after today, I’m sure.)


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