Brownies for Obama

I still haven’t even begun to recuperate after Inauguration madness. I went to my final party last night (Obama Staff Ball, baby) and my feet have officially given up on me. My steady diet of crap-alcohol-crap-carb-wine-beer-beer-crap-alcohol is finally catching up with me, and I crave a crunchy green salad like nobody’s business.

I’m looking forward to recapping it all here for you to read (sure do hope you’re interested, Internets), and I’m also looking forward to going through my goodie bags. Through my travels, and mooching off the travels of others, I’ve accumulated a nice patriotic bounty that I can’t wait to dive into. Last night, I chose to feed my late-night hunger with a brownie, and it reminded me that I’d read about it earlier in the Washingtonian blog, Best Bites:

They’ve been baking 24 hours a day for two weeks. They’ve gone through 1,050 dozen eggs, 1,200 pounds of flour, and an incalculable amount of sugar. All of this in preparation for an inauguration giveaway of 20,000 brownies.

Real-estate executive, lawyer, and philanthropist Connie Milstein founded Connie’s Bakery in Mount Kisco, New York, four years ago to help low- and no-income New Yorkers get job training and earn a living wage. Each year, four people down on their luck are given the opportunity to spend a year as apprentices under Simeon Manber, former assistant pastry chef at Mario Batali’s flagship New York restaurant, Babbo. All profits from the bakery go to local charities.

The bakery has given many people a new beginning, and now it’s contributing to a different kind of new beginning. Milstein, who has contributed money to various Democrats over the years, decided to honor the incoming President by shutting down the bakery for two weeks and devoting all of her attention to baking brownies for the inaugural masses.

You can read the rest of the post here, but I grabbed the picture to show you how cute they looked.

thousands and thousands of brownies

thousands and thousands of brownies

Now you know I love a good non-profit when I see it, so I had to share.

And you know what? It was delicious, hope-filled, and inspiring. Just like my inauguration weekend.


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