Wake-Up Call: “Steelerstahl”… seriously?

Today’s Wake-Up Call:

  • Beginning today, a “mock presidential motorcade” — one limo and two suburbans — will travel around DC with IKEA boxes strapped to the roof, and furniture protruding from the trunk, to simulate “Change Moving into White House” (Wake-Up Call! sources).
  • Since the commerce sec. gig didn’t work out, NM Gov. Bill Richardson (D) is now sporting “slightly-more-than-5-o’clock shadow,” and “the beard” is on its way back (Albuquerque Journal).
  • Pittsburgh-Boy-Mayor Luke Ravenstahl (D) announced yesterday that he’s taking the “Ravens” out of his last name and changing it to “Steelerstahl” until after the AFC Championship game (PittsburghChannel.com).
  • Jimmy Kimmel, on Pres. Bush declaring a state of emergency for DC during the inauguration: “It seems fitting to me that President Bush leaves Washington, DC, in a state of emergency” (“Jimmy Kimmel Live”).
  • “I know as much or more than Cheney. … I’m the most experienced vice president since anybody” — Biden, being humble (New York Times).

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