Steelerstahl, for real?

Proof that Pittsburgh is totes ridic:

The Pittsburgh Steelers-Baltimore Ravens rivalry is so intense, it’s moving off the football field and into City Hall.

In a media stunt Wednesday, Mayor Luke Ravenstahl announced that he’s taking the “Ravens” out of his last name and changing it to “Steelerstahl” until after the AFC Championship game.

“Who knows what is going to come of this as we continue on through Sunday. I’ve already been asked, ‘Are you going to keep it until the Super Bowl if the Steelers win?’ So who knows? I guess we won’t take anything off the table,” Ravenstahl said.


Pittsburgh hosts Baltimore on Sunday night at Heinz Field. The game will determine which team moves on to Super Bowl XLIII.

He legit went to City Hall to change his name to Steelerstahl thru Monday… video here.

I tease, but I kinda like the way he gets press. Also – is he, like, ten years old, or something?

Anyway, it won’t matter what he does, because the Ravens will win on Sunday and go to the Superbowl XLIII. But good try.


3 thoughts on “Steelerstahl, for real?

  1. The Ravens, win? It’s possible, but unlikely. I don’t see the unibrow of doom pulling through on this one.

    Will still be the best game of the week/year though.

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