Spot v. King

Happy Obama 09 New Year!

So thanks to Molly for granting me permission to guest blog (again).

A couple of weeks ago not one but two shawarma places opened up within blocks of each other. I have had a chance to dine at both and here are my findings.

My first stop was to Shawarma Spot on 18th I was pretty excited when I learned they had chicken shawarma as I do not eat beef. There menu is fairly large and I ordered the shawarma platter (which came with some tabbouleh and hummus, although the menu claimed it included fresh bread, salad, 
garlic paste, pickle & olive), the husband got the shawarma sandwhich and we got a side of hummus and fries. Somehow this came to $27 which I thought was a little much but I was willing to look past it since I was so excited. I also asked for a cup of water and later was told I could only have water if I bought a bottle of water. Seriously? This is 2009? Bottled water is so out, just ask Al Gore. The hummus and bread were good (although I would have preferred pita and to be honest the hummus could have just been some sabra from safeway) and the fries were yummy. The shawarma left something to be desired though. It was just chicken, it did not appear to have been made on a slow roasted spit which I think is the definition of shawarma! (being the dork that I am, I liked it up and apparently the world shawarma comes for a Turkish word that means turning) So although I dug the hummus and fries I was left feeling like all of that was not worth $27 and no water.

Next stop was the Shawarma King on Columbia. As soon as I saw the simplicity of the menu, the shawarma turning away on the “spit” and the fixings bar I knew I had found the Shawarma place for me. You can get chicken, beef shawarma or falafel in a pita or wrap and all the toppings you want from the bar. They have fries and drinks. The shawarma was delish just the way I had hoped it would taste. The hummus was homemade and all the toppings appeared to be pretty fresh. The very friendly staff/owners were nice enough to treat us to some falafel samples, amazing. We have been back a couple of times already for falafel and shawarma. As far as I’m concerned the King is hands down the place to go!


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