Wake-Up Call: only so much hope

Today’s Wake-Up Call:

  • Passengers on Sunday’s 1 pm U.S. Airways flight from NYC to DC arrived “16 minutes early,” after Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) “asked that the plane take off early” because he had to “vote on public lands legislation” at 2 pm (Washington Post).
  • Sen. Herb Kohl (D-WI) has sent out “a staff-wide” email, asking if anybody has “a dark — ie blue or black — plain winter coat” that he can borrow for the inauguration (Roll Call).
  • The first thing Burris did after learning he would be seated was — go to the bank. Apparently, he “needed money for the upcoming week in Washington” (Chicago Sun-Times).
  • Meanwhile, Rendell also “has a bet with himself” that if the Super Bowl ends up being Eagles vs. Steelers, he’ll “provide cheesesteaks to a homeless shelter in the winning city” (AP). [Don’t worry Rendell. The Ravens will beat the Steelers, so this won’t happen. – Ed.]
  • Conan O’Brien, on Obama taking Amtrak from Philly to DC before the inauguration: “Obama is making the trip three days early because it’s Amtrak, and even he only has so much hope” (“Late Night”).

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